Nail Treatments Tips

Having beautiful nails is highly desired for a lot of women. Nail art is once again becoming a popular thing to do, especially nowadays where there are a lot of information that you can get on the internet on how to do nails by yourself. Despite that, a lot of women admitted having various problems regarding nail treatment.

Whether their nails or cuticles are becoming too dry, or the fact that the nail products make their nails becoming thin and damaged, also problems like discoloration of the nails, swelling on the skin around the nails area, and even bleeding are some of the unspoken secrets among female when it comes to nail care.

Though there is countless information about best nail products that you can use to make your nails look beautiful, those products would obviously not going to make your nails stay healthy. A lot of women often forgot or even ignore the fact that it needs extra care to make their nails stay beautiful and healthy in the same time.

These are some tips that you could follow to make sure that your nails stay healthy and strong:


1. Keep the Nails Clean and Dry Most of the Time

This would prevent the nail to soften and also preventing bacteria to pile up under your

fingernails. Especially when you are wearing nail coating or nail polish, it is the best to maintain

the hygiene. Make sure that you dry your nails after a shower or washing your hands, also do

not forget to use protection like rubber gloves when you are washing the dishes or cleaning

something to prevent the bacteria from getting in.


2. Trim Regularly

It is important to regularly trim your nail, at least, every once in a month. Do not let the nails

grow too long, especially if you have been polishing your nails for the majority of the time. The

chemicals from the nail products could be absorbed by your nails and making it weaken from

times to times. As you trim your nails regularly, the nails would grow and you would be able to

throw away the parts where it is piled up with chemicals.


3. Moisturize

When you feel like your nails are getting too dry after a lot of DIY nail arts, do not forget to

moisturize. The easiest way is to get a virgin olive oil and massage it onto your nails and let it sit

for 10-15 minutes, after that, you could rinse it with water and dry it gently. You could also leave

the olive oil on your nails without rinsing it, but you have to make sure that the skin around the

nails are dry by wiping it with a Q-tip so that bacteria would not gather. Do it every day and you

will see the difference.


4. Clean Your Manicure Tools Regularly

This is one of the things that a lot of people missed in nail treatments. Not only that you have to

take care of your nails hygiene, you also need to maintain the cleanliness of your tools. If you

never clean your regular tools, imagine how much bacteria that have been gathering and

waiting to enter your nails. You could use alcohol or nail polish remover to clean your tools. It is

recommended to clean your tools every time you finished using it, but if you do not have much

time, you could do it every once in a week.


5. Give the Nails a Rest

Though having your nails colorful and polished makes it beautiful most of the time, you need to

consider giving it a break. By piling your nails with chemicals all the time, it would only make

your nails becoming damaged in no time. Give your nails, at least, a week of rest from all of the

nail products while maintaining the care.