Bluesky Professional Starter Kit - Salon Quality - Bluesky UV NAIL GEL Soak Off Polish coat 36W light Kit Lamp set included Top Coat, Base Coat + Includes 2 Gel Colours

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Manufacturer Description

Nail Gel Application Preparation Prep and file nails (consisting of cleaning/removing cuticles) for a smooth surface prior to application. Set up your UV or LED lamp to get ready for the treating process (do not use the light unless treating). How to Apply Shake each bottle well prior to usage to assist spread polish evenly. Apply a thin layer of the base coat evenly on nails and remedy: UV lamp 60 seconds LED lamp 30 seconds Apply a thin as well as first coat of colour nail polish and remedy: UV lamp 120 seconds LED lamp 30 seconds Apply a 2nd thin as well as coat of colour nail polish and remedy: UV lamp 120 seconds LED lamp 30 seconds Apply a thin even layer of top coat and remedy: UV lamp 120 seconds LED Lamp 30 seconds Wipe nails thoroughly with a shine wipe to eliminate any residue likewise to highlight the beautiful high gloss luster. Nail Gel Removal Preparation Ensure you have your aluminium foil covers and pure acetone nail gel remover prepared. The elimination process is best done over a small towel (to avoid acetone dripping onto any surface areas). How to Remove Soak a cotton pad/cotton ball with acetone and place straight onto the nail. Wrap the rectangle-shaped shaped aluminium foil around your fingertip and nail and squeeze to form a 'finger cap'. Leave on for approximately10 minutes. Eliminate the aluminium from your fingers. Utilizing a dab of the pure acetone on a cotton pad/ball, provide each finger a last wipe to eliminate any remaining residue. SUGGESTIONS: If all layers do not fully dry but leaves a tacky residue, please continue applying the next layer. Numerous very first time users think putting the nails in the remedy lamp will make the polish 100 % dry, but this is not the case, it requires a tacky texture to adhere with the next layer. Vital: you searching for to clean the top coat after nails have been treated with a shine wipe to set the polish and eliminate the tacky residue, making your nails glossy. Some dark colours might searching for 3 thin coats of colour polish to ensure a rich as well as coverage.

Product Features

This easy to to use UV Nail Kit gives you everything you need for achieving the perfect 14 day salon shiny manicure at home. This Super Deluxe Starter Kit includes : * 36 Watt UV lamp * (Lamp has 120 second timer & is supplied with 4 bulbs, UK plug), * Bluesky Base coat * Bluesky Top coat * Nail Trend 30 Foil Remover Wraps * Nail Block Buffer * Nail Trend Crystal file * 10 Cuticle Sticks * Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher * 100ml Acetone Remover * Towel * Nail Trend 20 Cleansing Wipes * + 2 Bluesky Gel Colours * Detailed Nail Trend Application and Removal instructions are included which make this kit the best choice for newbies! Choose Any 2 Bluesky Gel Colour Sets from the drop down box to go with your kit

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